Save 30%! Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results Digital Download

Save 30% on the Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results digital download with DNA expert Mary Eberle - includes a hands on exercise / case study using DNA test results!

Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results! Finally put your DNA test results to work with our New Digital Download!

On December 14th, 2019, attendees learned about the new features at both FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and 23andMe as well as how to use their results to solve genealogical mysteries. Now through December 31st, you can save 30% on the digital download of this amazing online DNA Boot Camp! Regularly $25.99, for just $19.99 you’ll get access to 3 hours of recorded webinars, and handouts!

Have you tested your DNA with FamilyTreeDNA or 23andMe and received your results? Are you confused not only by what they mean, but how to use them as part of your genealogy research? And if you’ve tested with AncestryDNA or another company, why are the results somewhat different? Plus, if you’ve taken the Health part of the 23andMe test, what can you do with the results? There’s so much to learn with DNA testing and genetic genealogy. Right?

Having you taken a FTDNA or 23andMe test? Join DNA expert Mary Eberle for Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results Boot Camp on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Join DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters for over 3 hours of recorded webinars PLUS some amazing handouts with Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results Boot Camp!


Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results Boot Camp Topics

  • Family Tree DNA: Learn how to navigate your autosomal results from FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA). We’ll cover how to determine how much DNA is shared with matches and whether you’re really an X-DNA match. We’ll also explore FTDNA’s chromosome browser and matrix feature.
  • 23andMe: Learn how understand your 23andMe results. This webinar covers both 23andMe’s Ancestry (genealogy) and the health kits. 23andMe has unique genealogical features, like mitochondrial and Y-haplogroups, matches’ ethnicity percentages, and your ethnicity on a chromosome-by-chromosome view.

Recorded December 14, 2019

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