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There can be many technical challenges when it comes to retouching and correcting your scanned family photos. Is it better to take a DIY approach, learn Adobe Photoshop and try to do the work yourself? Or should you use a service that can charge $29.99 or more for a single image?

One solution I’ve found that fills the “middle ground” demand here is Repixl. Based in the UK, Repixl is a full service photo editing and printing service that provides retouching services at a much more affordable rate.

How Repixl Works

Basically, you scan your own photos (highest resolution such as 600 dpi) and then upload the file to Repixl. Select your preferred edit type, such as a full Photo Restoration. Check out, make your payment and then wait to receive an email once the edits are done.

Below is an example of the “before” version of a photo:

repixl before

And after . . .

repixl after

As you can see, the process took care of removing dust, scratches and stains as well as fixed the tear and restored the missing segments. A full list of editing options is available here.

repixl photo editing


Here is a link to a list of services and current prices. At £8.99 ($15.00 USD), you can get a photo fully restored or for £2.59 ($4.32 USD) a simple retouching.

Benefits of Using Repixl

Here are some reasons to consider using Repixl:

  • Professional Photo Editing: Photo editing, restoration, retouching, enhancement and fixing services can be used to automatically improve all of your photos.
  • People-Powered: Our team of professional photo editors is on hand to perfect your precious photos and memories.
  • 24 Hour Turnaround: We usually complete every job within 24 hours. It’s often as fast as 1 hour!
  • Copyright Neutral: We don’t hide or use obscure legal terminology to take ownership of your photos. You own the original and any edited works.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You can be confident that when you request a photo edit, we’ll revise it until you’re happy. If we can’t manage it for some reason, we’ll refund you 100%.

Repixl Prints Photos Too!

Besides photo retouching and restoration, Repixl will also print your photos for you, even as stretched canvasses or posters! Click here for more information.

My Own Repixl Experience

I was very happy with the photo that I submitted to Repixl for restoration: the results were fantastic and the turn around time was within an hour. The photo I used is part of an upcoming family history book and I can’t share it right now, but take my word – the edits were fantastic and the photo is one I can now use in my book! Also, you can read more testimonials from Repixl customers here.

Try Repixl for Free!

Click here to register for a free Repixl account and get your first edit, up to a £8.99 ($15.00 USD) value, for free!

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