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Learn how to use technology to simplify photo organizing tasks and finally get your “photo house” in order with the Photo Organizing Digital Download

Photo Organizing

Are you overwhelmed with the sheer volume of family pictures spread around your computer, phone, photo albums, file folders, and memory boxes? Do you have heritage family photos that you’re concerned about preserving? How do you start? What’s the priority? Where do you save photos… and how do you share them with family members? Learn from Ben and Hilarie Robison of Legacy Tale how to use technology to simplify these tasks and finally get your “photo house” in order, plus avoid future photo overwhelm.

In this two-part webinar, Hilarie will teach you how to scan old photos with a scanner or your phone, with proper settings for storing as well as printing so you can preserve and share those priceless heirloom pictures. In his signature style that makes complex technology understandable for everyone, Ben will clearly explain the basics of digital photo management and sharing so you can efficiently manage your mountains of digital photos going forward. Together, this husband-wife team will teach you how to manage the mess and preserve what’s precious.


Preserving Old Photos and Documents through Digitization

  • Decide what matters
  • Use a flatbed scanner
  • Use a phone app scanner
  • Make basic corrections
  • Digitize documents, newspaper articles, and more
  • Q&A (interspersed throughout)

Organizing Digital Memories

  • Make a plan
  • Use cloud storage
  • Share your photos
  • Understand file formats
  • Set appropriate resolution
  • Capture details in metadata
  • Q&A (interspersed throughout)

Here’s What You Get . . .

With this digital download, you get both recorded webinars totaling 3 hours of genealogy education, and 19 pages of handouts! You’ll have unlimited access to these materials and learn how to finally get your family photos organized and digitized!

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