Genealogy Intensive™ – Participant Policies

Genealogy Intensive

Collaboration is key to a successful Genealogy Intensive™. All participants agree to “play nice” by following these Participant Policies.

  • Sharing: Basically we abide by this overarching rule: “What happens at a Genealogy Intensive, stays in that Genealogy Intensive.” It isn’t fair to the paying participants for our collaborative work and ideas to be posted outside the Genealogy Intensive group or publicly. If you want to reference an item, resource or project for a case study or as part of your own genealogy presentation, ask the participant and/or group for permission.
  • Online Sessions: While you aren’t required to attend any or all of the weekly Online Sessions, you’ll get the most out of the Genealogy Intensive experience if you do. It helps to have a headset and/or microphone as well as a webcam, but again, they aren’t required. If you miss a session, you’ll see a synopsis with the assignment over at the Facebook Closed Group and you can always view the recording of the session.
  • Recordings: Each Online Session is recorded and you’ll always have access to the Video Archive via a password. Video recordings cannot be downloaded; they must be viewed on the Video Archive page. In addition, as a Genealogy Intensive participant, you agree that your voice and text input, including chat logs, will be recorded during each Online Session and access made available to all participants.
  • Facebook Closed Group: A Closed Group will be set up on Facebook and can only be accessed by the specific Genealogy Intensive Participants and coaches. You will always have access to the materials in the Facebook Closed Group, even after the Genealogy Intensive sessions are over; however, there may not be Participant and coaching activity or commenting after the Genealogy Intensive sessions have ended.
  • Assignments: There are five (5) main assignments during the Genealogy Intensive. The first will be assigned at the end of the first Online Session and completion will be due by the start of the second Online Session. Work can be done collaboratively or solo. Assignment documents are shared on the Facebook Closed Group and discussed at the following week’s Online Session.
  • Feedback: The ability to give and receive constructive feedback on Assignments, as well as on other aspects of the Genealogy Intensive, is a core element of Genealogy Intensive. Feedback should be clear, concise, and most of all, supportive. If you are not used to the “give and take” of feedback, the Genealogy Intensive environment is a good place to build that skill.
  • Document posting/sharing: You are encouraged to upload your assignment document to the Facebook Closed Group as well as share them during the weekly online sessions. At all times you retain copyright to your material; we’ve verified the Terms of Service for all platforms in use during the Genealogy Intensive and each one of will not claim copyright on anything you post or upload.
  • Resources and Tools: You are encouraged to post links to tools and resources relevant to the Genealogy Intensive topic in the Facebook Closed Group or during the Online Sessions.
  • Credit and Attribution: If you find a resource or tool posted at someone’s blog or website, make sure you give credit to the author – often a simple link to the site will do.
  • Common Courtesy and the Collaborative Spirit: Finally, remember that we’re all in this together: we all want to build skills and complete projects. It only takes a minute to send someone a “thank you” for a posting or a note of encouragement. And remember that in helping someone else, you can often learn something new and ultimately help yourself.

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4 Comments on "Genealogy Intensive™ – Participant Policies"

  1. Tom, These guidelines are a wonderful base for a rewarding collaborative environment that can benefit all participants. I look forward to participating in the Spring 2017 Intensive. Let the creative writing begin!

  2. I work a combination of day and afternoon shifts….
    Would I still get enough out of the course if I can’t attend the online discussions?

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