The Genealogy Intensive™: Taking Your Genealogy Project From “Obsession” to “Reality”

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

Are you one of those people who feels “lost” as you research your ancestors or attempt to write your family history and wonder “what’s next” or “am I doing it right?” Do you have a list of genealogy projects you want to complete – like producing a book based on your research or learning how to do research in a specific state or country – but you never seem to get started? Or do you start and then never follow through?

Then the Genealogy Intensive™ concept was invented with you in mind.

What about the projects you are constantly mulling over in your head? The stuff you can’t stop thinking about such as passing your genealogy work on to the next generation or organizing a great family reunion? What about that “dream project” you’ve always wanted to do, but life, family, self-doubts and a lack of skills get in the way?

Then the Genealogy Intensive™ concept was invented with you in mind.

What does Genealogy Success look like to you?

“If and When were planted, and Nothing grew.” Proverb

Do yourself a favor. Right now get out of that “what if” mode of thinking and picture your genealogy project being completed. Done. Finished. How would that feel? What would it mean to you?

Being part of a Genealogy Intensive™ can help make your obsession a reality. Sometimes it takes a new approach, a different educational format to not just envision success, but to bring it into reality.

What is a Genealogy Intensive™?

Genealogy Intensive™ (or “GI”): Think of a small group of similarly-minded genealogists with the same project goal. The group meets virtually over a six-week period. Once a week, participants meet online using GoToMeeting (similar to GoToWebinar which is popular with genealogy webinar attendees). There are work assignments that are interesting, engaging, and collaborative without being burdensome. In addition there is an online platform to share ideas, encouragement and ask questions at any time of the day or night. The group is closed, private and led by genealogy educators and authors, two of whom you probably already know: Lisa Alzo and Thomas MacEntee. These “coaches” offer encouragement and facilitate online discussions to lend inspiration, solve problems and make that ever-elusive project a reality.

So bring your obsession. Bring your ideas, no matter how wacky they may seem. Bring your enthusiasm. Get ready for results. We’re talking action and doing. We’re talking feedback and support.

What Will You Accomplish?

  • Bring that project out of “dreamland” and into reality. Be ready to “go all in.” Make the commitment and make it now, not a year from now.
  • Create a game plan and task list to keep you on track with your project.
  • Learn how to tackle any hurdle and road block, especially those you put in place yourself due to self-doubts.
  • Revel in the “success” of others and learn how you can transfer that same success to your own project.
  • Build a network of supportive “project dreamers” that will serve you in the future.

Only The Committed Need Apply

If you can’t commit to a six-week group format and be willing to not just work on your own project, but to offer encouragement and judgment-free feedback to others in the group, a Genealogy Intensive™ might not be the right time or the right format for you. If you work better on your own, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for an “easy button,” this isn’t for you either.

And speaking of easy buttons, here’s a secret: you don’t need an “easy button” – there’s no such thing in genealogy nor in life. So why chase after it? What you need is a proven set of tools, tips, tricks paired with technology and shared in a safe space with others who are just as obsessed as you are.

The Genealogy Intensive™ is a concept developed for committed, creative, hard-working genealogists and family historians who don’t mind thinking outside of the usual parameters.

The Nitty Gritty: How the Genealogy Intensive™ Works

Curious as to how this works? Here’s what’s included in a typical Genealogy Intensive™:

  • Online Sessions via GoToMeeting: Meeting once a week for one (1) hour. Sessions will be recorded and you’ll always have access to the recordings. For Weeks #2 through #5, a “flipped lecture” format will be used: you’ll complete an assignment before the session and then the group will discuss the assignment and results.
  • Weekly Assignments: A series of work assignments relevant to the specific Genealogy Intensive™ These assignments will not just inspire, but also help you achieve your goal.
  • Closed Facebook Group: A closed online environment for Genealogy Intensive™ participants where assignments and feedback are shared and ideas/issues are discussed.
  • Personal Access to Coaches: Access to Coaches via Facebook and email as well as during the Online Sessions.
  • Project Tools: Basic templates and strategies for tracking your project.
  • Productivity Toolbox: Coaches will prepare a special toolkit filled with resources; during the six-weeks participants will add their own recommended tools and share their discoveries with the group.
  • Access to Archives: After the Genealogy Intensive™ is over, you’ll continue to have access to the Online Session recordings, all handouts and assignments and the input/feedback on the Facebook Closed Group.

Genealogy Intensive™ Pricing: So What Does This Cost?

The cost to attend a Genealogy Intensive™ over a six week period is $129 per person. A special discounted price of $99 will be available during the early registration period.

We understand that there are many educational options available in the genealogy community, both in-person and online. And many of those options are free. But look closely at what is offered in a Genealogy Intensive™, especially the coaching provided and then do the math. If you were to hire someone for one-on-one advice, consulting, and coaching, you’d be paying at least $50 an hour. If you even participate at the minimum level in a Genealogy Intensive™, you’ll receive approximately 10 hours of support and guidance.

Even at the discounted price of $99, you may wonder if spending that amount of money for a Genealogy Intensive™ is worth it. Some think we’re crazy to offer so much for so little. We are committed to not just making genealogy education affordable, but also success-based and results-driven.

Minimum Participant Requirements

If you’re truly interested in being part of a Genealogy Intensive™, you’ll need to meet these minimum requirements:

  • Understand how to attend a webinar. You should feel comfortable connecting to the GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting platform used by most genealogy education providers. While a headset/microphone and webcam are not required, they will make it easier to participate in the Online Sessions.
  • Have a Facebook account. You’ll need a Facebook account to access the Closed Group for the Genealogy Intensive™ – this is where assignment documents are uploaded and shared, questions are asked, and most coaching takes place.
  • Be committed to collaboration. You’ll need to check in periodically on Facebook to review the latest conversations and be willing to provide your insights as well as ask questions.

Money-Back Guarantee

We get it. You’re taking a chance with us on a new, radical format for online genealogy education. If you are willing to do the work and commit to the format of a Genealogy Intensive™, we’re certain you’ll be happy. More than happy. More importantly, you’ll finally get that project done!

If at any time you are not satisfied with the content or format of the Genealogy Intensive™, we’ll gladly refund your money.

Are Your Ready To Go “Intensive”? Join & You’ll Get . . .

  • An entire 6-week Genealogy Intensive™ program including access to the Online Sessions, the Weekly Assignments, the Closed Facebook Group, Project Management Tools, the Productivity Toolbox and more.
  • Access to coaching and guidance from Coaches as they draw upon their years of experience in the genealogy, technology, and writing fields.
  • Access to a supportive group coaching environment to not just inspire but to achieve actual results.

The next Genealogy Intensive™ is The Write Stuff led by Lisa Alzo with a focus on family history writing (click here for more information). The Write Stuff Spring 2015 begins on Monday, 5 January 2015 with Online Sessions meeting each Monday, 5 January through 9 February at 9:00 pm Eastern / 8:00 pm Central. The program is limited to only 13 committed people who are obsessed and excited about getting their family history down in writing yet aren’t afraid to admit they have self-doubts and fears. If that’s you, then come join us. Click here for a description and schedule.

And here’s a special offer: If a Genealogy Intensive™ fills up, with 13 registrants, we’ll draw one name and offer them a freebie – a full rebate on their registration fee!

Note: A minimum of eight (8) paid participants are needed in order for a Genealogy Intensive™ to be successful. If the minimum is not met, your tuition will be refunded in full and you’ll be notified of the next Genealogy Intensive™.

* * *

If you have any questions about the Genealogy Intensive™ concept or the upcoming sessions on family history writing – The Write Stuff, please email me at If you are a genealogy educator and you’d like to propose a focus area for a future Genealogy Intensive™, I’d love to partner with you and make it a reality.


Thomas MacEntee

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