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FindTheBest, founded by DoubleClick’s Kevin O’Connor, is providing people with the best information and research tools to help people think like experts. The company hopes to give consumers and businesses information and tools they’ve never had before, in order to help people make the best decisions possible. Over the last three years, the company has grown to cover hundreds of categories. Whether users are researching colleges, ski resorts, smartphones, or dog breeds, FindTheBest has the information and tools for them.

FindTheBest wants everyone to be able to think like an expert. For too long, a lot of critical information has been unavailable to the masses. What’s the true cost of a car? How much do local lawyers really charge? What’s the acceptance rate for the top law schools? While experts in their industry know how to access this information, users have to scour the internet to find what they’re looking for. FindTheBest puts all the information you need in one place. What’s more, the company provides smart tools that let you put the information in context. You may know the price of that motorcycle, but is it a good price? FindTheBest gives you answers like this at a glance.

Over time, FindTheBest has expanded into new use cases by leveraging the flexibility of its technology. The company launched FindTheData to give people smart tools for understanding big datasets, like government reports on city crime and job salaries. Recently, they launched FindTheCompany, which allows for in-depth research on US based companies, IPOs, H-1B Visas, and much more. FindTheBest has truly started to diversify its portfolio. While the company began by focusing specifically on decision-making, they’ve expanded their positioning, creating the ultimate research tool that allows users to filter, visualize, and compare information on a multitude of different topics.

FindTheBest prides itself on empowering small businesses and consumers by providing access to the best, most authoritative information. What makes FindTheBest unique amongst the free search engines available for research is that the company is vertically focused and highly structured. FindTheBest takes their data very seriously and obtains their information from public or licensed databases, primary sources, and experts. Once all the data has been collected, FindTheBest creates an overall Smart Rating for each product or service, which is calculated by combining the numerical facts behind a product or service with the experts’ scores.

Along with FindTheBest, FindTheData and FindTheCompany, the company has created the genealogy sites and LocateGrave. These extensions of the FindTheBest platform feature government death records and data from the U.S. Department of Commerce. This is just another example of how FindTheBest is making it easy for the public to access information about almost anything you can think of—particularly information that was previously difficult to find. They have comparisons on topics ranging from business schools and student loans, to mortgage lenders and brokers, to fantasy football and car insurance. They are constantly creating new content for different topics that their users will find informative and useful.

What’s more, FindTheBest’s technology platform is available to others as well. Highly customizable and free-of-charge, their platform can be expanded, shared between other parties, and customized to fit into other sites. The platform takes big datasets and makes them easy and fun to use. They have given the public the ability to take raw data and filter it, sort it, and compare it according to what best fits their needs.

Finally, FindTheBest focuses on combining human intuition with fantastic technology, which allows them to cover hundreds thousands of topics quickly, while maintaining the critical insight and decision-making know-how only a human can provide. This bridge between big data and technology has made FindTheBest a go-to research tool that is giving the world a new perspective when conducting research on just about anything.

[Editor’s Note: this guest blog post was submitted by Micah Berman of FindTheBest.]

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