Dropbox Links Security Issue


A quick heads up for genealogists and family historians who use Dropbox and have shared links to their Dropbox documents! Last week, a security vulnerability was identified whereby a third-party could access your document.  See Dropbox and Box leak files in security through obscurity nightmare at TechRepublic for a good overview of the situation.

Personally I’m not overly concerned, because as a rule I NEVER place financial or health related data in my Dropbox account or share those links with others.  Due to the severity of this issue, Dropbox decided to deactivate all shared links to documents created prior to 5 May 2014 but only for those document types that could contain a hyperlink (PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.).

Genealogy Presenters – A Special Note

If you are like me, often I will share links to handouts and post the link on a slide or email it to a society prior to a webinar. Well, all those links are now broken given the action by Dropbox.  How did I find out? Those who attended recent lectures emailed me to say that they could not access the link to my handout which I posted on a slide.

On 8 May 2014, Dropbox decided to allow users to re-enable these disabled links. Click here to learn more and to re-enable those links!

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