DNA Boot Camps for Genealogical Societies – New Options for DNA Education Now Available

DNA Boot Camp is an on-line educational opportunity covering a variety of DNA and genealogy topics presented by DNA expert Mary Eberle, JD. DNA Boot Camps are available as live virtual events as well as recorded digital downloads

In 2017, over 1,000 genealogists and family historians either attended a live DNA Boot Camp event with DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters, LLC OR purchased a digital download of the event. As the year progressed, Mary and I received several inquiries from genealogical societies about purchasing the DNA Boot Camp digital downloads for use either at society meetings OR to include with their members’ only education channel on their website. Hack Genealogy is excited to announce the availability of its popular DNA Boot Camp materials to genealogy societies at a special low bundle price.

Two Options: Event Content or Broadcast Content

There are two different programs available to genealogical societies that want to utilize the DNA Boot Camp content:

  • Event Content allows your group to use the DNA Boot Camp recordings and handouts one time only as part of a regular society meeting, a workshop or other live event attended by the public (members and non-members). Since each of the DNA Boot Camps contains two 90-minute recordings, once purchased you are allowed to split the recordings and materials across two separate events. However, your group is not allowed to hold a similar event utilizing the content in the future once the materials have been used.
  • Broadcast Content allows your group to add the recordings and materials to your existing educational channel behind your members’ only wall. The materials cannot be accessible to the public. Your members can watch the videos as many times as they want as long as they are members.

Each program comes with a one time only license, meaning you don’t need to renew each year nor is there an expiration date on the license.

Incentive Pricing on DNA Boot Camp Content

We love working with non-profits and we respect the fact that many groups have tight budgets. Here is what we’ve put together:

  • Event Content: Regular pricing is $49.99 for each DNA Boot Camp. This means if you use the content in two meetings, you are spending just $25 per meeting. Try to get a genealogy speaker for that price! But purchase the entire series of six DNA Boot Camps for just $250 . . . that’s a $50 discount off the regular price of $300!
  • Broadcast Content: Regular pricing is $99.99 for each DNA Boot Camp. This allows you to expand your current educational channel or build a new one on your website. Right now we are holding a special sale with the entire series of six DBA Boot Camps at a 25% discount – instead of $599.99, you pay only $450.00!

Download the DNA Boot Camp Flyers

Use the links below to download the flyers for Event Content or Broadcast Content and share with your society board members:

To place your order, simply email me at hidefgen@gmail.com, and I will generate an invoice. You can pay by check or by Paypal or credit card.

We Look Forward to Working with Your Group

I understand that as a society or board member you may have questions about the content and how all this works. I’m also willing to provide genealogical society board members with personal access to any DNA topic to review the material and this educational opportunity. Please email me at hidefgen@gmail.com or call me at (773) 661-3080 for more information.

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