Cool GenStuff – Tuesday 30 July 2013

Cool GenStuff

Today is Tuesday, 30 July 2013 and here are some recent finds and discoveries to help you hack genealogy!

What’s Up?

  • and FamilySearch: An interesting article entitled In Utah, money grows on family trees from the Pando Daily discusses the competition between these two genealogical entities.

Genealogy and Technology News

  • 10 Best Back-To-School Laptops: Not just for students, but genealogists too! Read more here (via Mashable).

New Apps, Programs and Websites – Oh My!

  • One Feed: In Create a Custom Start Page With OneFeed for Chrome, Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers discusses how he uses OneFeed (a Google Chrome extension) as a replacement for iGoogle which is slated to disappear in the next few months.

Technology for Genealogy Group on Facebook

Visit the Technology for Genealogy on Facebook group for these new discussions:

  • The Old Reader Going Private: With the announcement that The Old Reader is moving to a paid mode due to the huge influx of users, what are the recommendations for a RSS feed reader?
  • Genealogy Database Software: Which software programs account for “blended families” including adoption, same-sex unions with children, and transgendered persons?

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