Cool GenStuff – Thursday 18 July 2013

Cool GenStuff

Today is Thursday, 18 July 2013 and here are some recent finds and discoveries to help you hack genealogy!

What’s Up?

  • Later this morning look for a post from FindTheBest about some new big data projects at their site involving genealogy-related records.
  • You’ll be hearing more and more about “big data” and visualizing it on maps and other platforms. Check out the article on big data below and think of what could be done with a combination of genealogy data and Google Maps!
  • IMPORTANT: Have you or a loved one received a phone call warning you that your computer has a virus? See the mention below and keep in mind that this is a SCAM targeting older computer users.

Genealogy and Technology News

  • Gadgets: Indulge your need for gadgets at Grand St.

New Apps, Programs and Websites – Oh My!

Technology for Genealogy Group on Facebook

Visit the Technology for Genealogy on Facebook group for these new discussions:

  • Metadata: Washington State Digital Archives has a project to encourage crowdsourcing of metadata for its collections.
  • Reunions: Any recommendations for sites for family reunions?
  • Virus Protection: You get an unsolicited phone call asking if you recently got a new computer and warning you it might have a virus.  What should you do?

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