Hack Genealogy Boot Camp

Hack Genealogy Boot Camp

Hack Genealogy Boot Camp is a unique, online, collaborative event featuring educational content covering various aspects of genealogy and family history.

The Hack Genealogy Boot Camp Experience

What will you find at a typical Hack Genealogy Boot Camp event?

  • Live webinars with extended Q&A periods.
  • Lunch period “online chats” where participants can exchange ideas about what they’ve learned.
  • Easy-to-read handouts that are ready for you to use at home.
  • Freebies from presenters including cheat sheets and handout extras!
  • Access to recordings for up to one (1) year!

Hack Genealogy Boot Camp Instructors

Hack Genealogy Boot Camps bring you expert instructors who specialize in various areas of genealogy and family history plus have the ability to incorporate new and emerging technology into their lectures.

All At A Great Price

We know there are many options when it comes to online genealogy and family history education. Free webinars are great, but some can have limitations when it comes to accessing recordings afterwards and require you to purchase a subscription or membership. Paid options exist but their pricing may be out of your reach.

Hack Genealogy Boot Camp events will always be reasonably priced – from $6.95 for a single webinar up to $29.95 for a full day online event. And there are often early bird coupons and discounts!

We price our offerings so that we can secure the best instructors for the topic and allow them to be fairly compensated and you still get access to great content.

Stay In The Loop – Sign Up For Our Email List

Since the Boot Camp concept is in its infancy, there is no regular schedule of offerings.  The best way to stay in touch is to add the Hack Genealogy Blog to your RSS feed reader or save the link to your favorites. AND sign up for our periodical emails listing upcoming Boot Camp events as well as the latest tech news in the genealogy world! Click here to sign up now – you can unsubscribe at any time!

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  1. Most webinars and boot camps seem to be offered either when I’m at work, busy elsewhere, or I forget. Thanks for offering the bundle, “Taming Your Inner Packrat!” I just purchased it! Looking forward to decluttering in 2016!

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