Additional DNA Tools and Concepts Digital Download Now Available!

The download/recorded version of the Additional DNA Tools and Concepts Boot Camp is now available for purchase at Hack Genealogy.

Additional DNA Tools and Concepts

Have you been using the information learned about autosomal DNA in the Getting Started with DNA and Genealogy Boot Camp?  Or maybe you missed the first boot camp, but you have a basic understanding of using DNA for genealogy research.  Are you ready to advance to new tools such as those offered on the free website, GEDMatch?  GEDMatch has additional tools for analyzing your DNA results.  It also lets you find new matches! And what about using other types of DNA test such as Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and X-DNA in your research?  Additional DNA Tools and Concepts Boot Camp is probably the perfect way to learn more about DNA testing and genealogy.

Join DNA expert Mary Eberle for over 3 hours of recorded webinars PLUS some amazing handouts!

  • GEDMatch – Powerful Tools for Analyzing DNA Results and Finding New DNA Matches.
    GEDMatch is a free, third-party website offering additional tools to interpret your DNA results. Tools include a chromosome browser. GEDMatch accepts DNA test results from Ancestry, FTDNA, and 23andMe. It can be a great way to find new matches. Learn how to use this helpful website.​
  • Using Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and X-DNA for Genealogy Research.
    Understanding when these types of DNA can help (and when they won’t) is crucial. Learn how these types of DNA can be used to answer your genealogy questions.

Here’s What You Get . . .

With this digital download, you get both recorded webinars totaling 3 hours of genealogy education, and 10 pages of handouts! You’ll have unlimited access to these materials, for a one year period, and learn how to finally get organized! 


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