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Learn how to locate your Eastern European ancestors with expert Lisa A. Alzo at the Eastern European Genealogy Boot Camp at HackGenealogy.

If you were unable to attend the Eastern European Genealogy Boot Camp with this past Saturday,  you’re in luck! We’ve packaged the entire event – webinar video, handouts and freebies – into one product! We had a enthusiastic crowd with Lisa A. Alzo presenting an amazing information-filled webinar!

Jumpstart Your Eastern European Genealogy

Curious about your East European roots but don’t know where to begin? Many people get interested researching their Eastern European ancestors because they want to learn more about where their family came from—specifically, to find out which ancestors came over from the “old country” and when. Whether your ancestors were Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, or hailed from another location in the heart of Europe, this boot camp will help you jumpstart your research. You will learn:

  • How to identify your immigrant ancestors in North America and find your family in foreign records
  • Ways to locate your ancestral village using maps, gazetteers, and other geographic tools
  • Where to find records online and how to maximize your search results
  • How to locate and access records in various Eastern European churches, archives, and other repositories will be provided
  • Tips and tricks to bust through the myths and misconceptions of researching in Eastern Europe

Advanced Eastern European Genealogy Boot Camp: Brick Wall Search Strategies and Techniques

Have you hit the proverbial “brick wall” in your search for your Eastern European ancestors? Are you perplexed with sorting out surnames, trying to identify ancestral hometowns, and deciphering old country records to connect families across generations? Then this boot camp is for you. In this boot camp you will learn:

  • Strategies for overcoming the most common pitfalls and problems
  • How to deal with names, border changes, “missing” records and foreign languages and alphabets
  • Creative research strategies for tracing those hard-to-find ancestors
  • Tips for contacting possible relatives, writing to foreign archives, and visiting your ancestral homeland
  • Additional Resources to help further your research

Here’s What You Get . . .

With this digital download, you get both recorded webinars totaling almost 3 hours of genealogy education, and over 20 pages of handouts including a Eastern European Genealogy Resources Checklist to help you locate your ancestors!

You’ll have unlimited access to these materials, with no time limit, and learn how to finally get organized! Price: $9.95!

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